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  • Kristina Wimberley
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    Good selection, price and communication regarding delivery

  • Medi Shurdha
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    excellent service und excellent product

  • PRUVOT Véronique
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    Because the service is fine and fast. And the host team very present if problem of choice or info on products

  • Elena Flavia Obrejan
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    If I received the order at home.
    I have no idea where to look.

  • Elisa María de Tena Sereno
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    Por la atención personalizada y de confianza que recibo por parte del comercial.

  • cristina ciampa
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    prezzi e servizi ottimi e veloci

    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -


  • avio yann-eric
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    very good

  • Angela Cipriani
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    Good service

  • Nick Charnock
    Verifizierter Kunde von Unifier.ONE -

    I have just received a response - unfortunately it effectively says 'BAD LUCK' but we cannot do anything about your problem - oh and we are sorry that it was not so clear on the website....

    The product ordered was not what I expected. I discovered this immediately.
    When I asked how to process a refund I was told that this was impossible due to Brexit - how convenient

    Antwort von Unifier.ONE -

    Hi Nick,

    As indicated earlier, the main reason that the return is not possible is due to the fact that we do not accept returns of health related products based on the argument of hygiene as we can not guarantee the hygiene once the product has been opened elsewhere, specially in the times of current pandemic.

    The second reason indeed, is the fact that the returns from outside of the EU are not accepted in general as in these cases formal import and export are required in order to receive back the product and this involves making high costs and taxes. Also if the paperwork is not done properly, it can cause a bunch of other problem and additional costs that finally would need to be paid from our side so due to very bed experiences from the past, we do not accept returns of any order once it has been exported outside of the EU and unfortunately in this case, the Brexit became a fact in the meanwhile but the main reason of refusing the return is the first reason stated.

    However, we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the order that you have received. and that these conditions were not clear to you when ordering even though they are indicated on the website.

    Unifier.ONE Support Team

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