European representant and distributor of the WristWidget TFCC band and the Hook Splint RMO Orthesis / yoke splint.
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  • Alfric
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Description poor.

  • Andrea Ferreira
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Nothing received! € 49,74 lost?.......

    Reply from Mebocare

    Dear Andrea, your order was shipped immediately on September 8. confirmation possible in the spam land? As indicated, the standard delivery time for countries outside the Netherlands is usually between 3 and 14 working days. If track & trace is chosen, it is often slightly faster.
    Unfortunately, we cannot accelerate this...
    Immediately gives a 2 star review after 5 working days without further contact, well...

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  • Paola Acerbis
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    isn't too fast in delivery the object.

  • Eirini Souli
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Great service and help when I contacted them very fast delivery.

  • Marion Farrell
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Only received today. I was at a different address.

    Reply from Mebocare

    Hi Marion, I don't quite understand this review.... You only provided 1 address (delivery and billing address are exactly the same) and that's where we shipped to. If it is then delivered incorrectly, surely it's down to the local delivery service and not the sending party? Best regards, Annette

  • Elizabeth Kohn
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    I have had not received confirmation of my order. Nor have I received the goods . orderd 3 weeks ago. No response to query on the website. ..after I posted this review I received the wristband orderd

    Reply from Mebocare

    Dear Elizabeth,

    Good to hear that the WristWidget is now here. Yes, sometimes it takes a long time for it to be delivered, unfortunately this is really down to the delivery services and varies tremendously from country to country.

    As you can read on the site, an order confirmation is sent DIRECT after placing the order. We point out that if this does not arrive, please check the spam box, sometimes the email disappears in there.
    Or just contact us: sometimes a wrong mail address is given.
    Also, when the order is processed, an email is sent automatically. But if the first mail does not arrive or is removed from the spam, the follow-up mails unfortunately do not arrive either....

    A tip: negative reviews are never posted immediately by review systems, sometimes there is a delay of several days.
    If you had emailed us, we could have answered you directly when it was sent and where to. Because a reply to an email actually always arrives and is not considered spam.

  • Margot SINTES
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Impecable, le produit et la livraison

    Reply from Mebocare

    Merci pour votre commentaire et bonne chance pour votre rétablissement !

    Verified customer of Mebocare

    I selected the product by sent via courier and paid the extra 16,15 euro fees for this option. Despite this, the product was sent via regular post and took three weeks to arrive.

    Reply from Mebocare

    Dear Polytimi,
    There was no choice of urgent shipment but package with track & trace. And yes, that is pricey to Greece. Expedited shipping would still be about 2.5x as expensive.
    The order was made on February 8 and shipped the same day by us. By February 11, it was already in Greece. Unfortunately, Greek customs then detained it for a period of time and a delivery attempt was not made until February 22.
    Unfortunately, you were not at home. A second (thankfully successful) attempt was made on March 1. Everything was trackable through the track & trace that is sent automatically as soon as we create a parcel seal.
    Unfortunately, we do not control this delivery process. Depends very much on how local customs and mail delivery works.
    Kind regards, Annette

  • Kristijan
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Fast international delivery

    Reply from Mebocare

    Thanks for your review. And kudos to the local parcel service: that's something we have no control over but which determines the speed of delivery!

    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Everything ok

    Reply from Mebocare


  • Jose Antonio Alejandro
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    I didn’t recive my order.
    Where is ti?

    Reply from Mebocare

    Dear Alejandro, to receive a response faster, it is better to send an email instead of asking a question via the reviews.
    I can see that the order was shipped directly the next business day (December 5). I can't check your address with you through this way. If there is no typo in there then delivery to Spain averages 5-10 business days. So I expect the order to reach you before December 20 (the 10th business day). You had chosen shipping without track & trace, so now I can't see where the order is.
    If it is not there by then, please send an email to info @ mentioning your order number.

  • Irena
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Fast delivery.

  • Matevž Koršič
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Reliable delivery

  • Brendan Collins
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    My order has not arrived.. I ordered it 3 weeks ago

  • Anke Husmann
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Service was ok, but TFCC Wrist Widget does not provide any stabilty. A layer of Kinesiotape does the job a lot better.

  • Marc Minder
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Delivered on time.

  • Siciliano Marco
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    The product has arrived.
    Don't consider my previous negative review-,

    Reply from Mebocare

    Dear M.S.

    Thank you for your message. Your order was shipped on August 3. You had chosen to ship without track & trace. The standard delivery time for countries outside the Netherlands is usually between 3 and 7 working days.
    During the vacations many delivery services work with some delay due to lack of staff. I expect the order to be delivered one of these days. If not, please let us know!

  • Jennifer Winter
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Wristbands are working, good customers service.

  • Elif Gulcin İscen
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Fast delivery

  • Manuel Barreira
    Verified customer of Mebocare

    Delivery was very quick, around a week or so.