Kratom shop. Best price and quality kratom in the UK and Europe. Also for HHC, CBD, CBN and other herbs.
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  • Max
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Excellent quality, easy payment, fast delivery. Even when CC payment wasn't available it was a breeze to pay with coinbase. Highly recommend.

  • Bogdan Alexandru Toms
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Excelent produc im using for 3 years now helps me a lot with my energy levels,sleeping.
    Recommend 100%

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  • James Wadley
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    I paid for overnight shipping. The product was delivered a week later. It´s unacceptable for you to promote 24 hour delivery and deliver almost a week later. What am I paying for? Also, you NEVER have any of the main strains of Kratom... just watered down weaker ones... the real desirable strains are apparently always ¨Out of Stock¨

  • Matthew Day
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Used for about 5 years now. It's always fast delivery, their products are genuine and of good quality. When I email them, they get back very quickly and are always helpful. Unfortunately their card payments thing wasn't working so I had to do an international bank transfer recently which I don't like doing. Descriptions of products on the website are informative, consistent and reliable. I never buy elsewhere as I know and trust Kraatje, so I don't know whether they are expensive or not, but I've never had anything to complain about with their products. Very happy with the service I have always received, and so I'll carry on buying from Kraatje because I have no reason to go elsewhere!

  • Purple monkey dishwasher
    Review for Kraatje

    Really fast delivery with 0 dramas. Ordered from the UK before 12pm and recicived it next day. Thanks Kraajte team!

  • Remz
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Good stuff

  • Dominik Bucher
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Great service, thanks!

  • James
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Super fast service. 10/10

  • Alice Silva
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Great service, I order to Portugal and it is super fast ( 2, 3 business days), amazing price quality as well! Has really helped me with my anxiety. 10/10

  • Bas
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Been ordering from these guys for over a year now. Quality is amazing and delivery at lighting speed

  • Ludwig
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    White Elephant my Favorit

  • Jay Stiver
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    great service, super fast

  • Renato Moreira
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Very quick, high quality, loving it

  • kenneth wiffen
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    First class every time.

  • Leo
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Not a great experience this time - I ordered the super maeng da, the delivery was very quick , however , something is just not right with this batch , i’m normally ok with 1 teaspoon & the effects can last 2 hours plus with other strains , but with this one I’m not feeling any affects after taking 1 teaspoon and it’s giving me terrible tummy aches and headaches, I’m an experienced user so it’s not about me not being used to Kratom , maybe I should have stuck to the mountain King that I have previously ordered - a real pity

    Reply from Kraatje

    We're sorry to hear that. Our customer service has contacted you.

  • Nat
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Happy with the service and products. Thanks very much.

  • SKT01
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    All good, as usual.

  • Ben Philpotts
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    I have been using Kraatje for nearly five years. The quality of product and service has always been incredible.

  • Pierre Abel
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Good product and fast delivery

  • Dekegel
    Verified customer of Kraatje

    Excellent kratom limited édition et premium édition