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GeT Cameras provides you with fair priced vision camera technology from Daheng Imaging. Daheng Imaging is China’s number one camera manufacturer. We have a large portfolio of industrial cameras, including all common imaging sensors and interfaces like USB2, USB3 and GigE.
We have the lowest prices on the marketplace. Prices start below 100 euro for a 5-megapixel USB2 of industrial quality. Besides, Daheng Imaging, has a proven track record of product lifecycle management. At this moment it's still possible to buy the first developed cameras from Daheng Imaging, our vision camera manufacturer. They control the quality of their industrial cameras very strictly. Before leaving the factory, every vision camera must pass a quality test procedure. The camera needs to withstand a 7-day aging test, where they are subjected to heat and coldness in a 72-hour full load test. Thus, Daheng Imaging can provide a 3-year warranty on their cameras. Daheng Imaging is China's NR1 industrial camera manufacturer

Unique selling points
• Low pricing
• Large and strong camera portfolio
• Direct support from Manufacturer
• Product life cycle management (Longevity)
• High quality / 3-year warranty

On average Daheng Imaging cameras are 30 to 50% cheaper than your current camera supplier. We can achieve this low pricing because of our innovative business model:
• Low margin's per camera: Independent of quantity up to 200 pieces single order. We believe that every new project or product starts with the order of a single camera. Offering the customer, a low price for a single camera is our contribution to the believe that you can make great products. Also, we expect an increase in volume
• Low overhead costs: GeT cameras can flexibly scale resources to demand, and many processes are automated.
• No overhead features: Daheng imaging cameras have standard features such as exposure, gain, white balance control, etc., but do not have features that are rarely used like pixel binning and skipping. By implementing only common used features, less development time and less expensive FPGA's (Hardware) are needed. This results in a lower cost price per camera
• Scale of Economy: Daheng Imaging is China's largest manufacturer of machine vision cameras. Electronic components like image sensors, FPGA, pcb, resistors, capacitors, coils, connectors etc., are cheaper on the Chinese market than on the European market. This is due to a bigger demand and the country of origin effect in corresponding countries. High production volumes combined with lower prices for raw materials, result in a lower cost price per product
• Labor costs: Labor cost in China are lower than in Europe, reducing the cost price of a product.
Large and Strong Portfolio
Daheng Imaging has more than 150 different cameras that vary from high resolution 20megapixel up to high speed 860fps cameras. We use well-known image sensor brands like Sony, Sharp and OnSemi. We have both CMOS and CCD image sensors. Our cameras have USB2, USB3 or GigE interface. The vision cameras work on X86, X64, ARMv7 and ARMv8 PC's and embedded boards. We have an SDK for Linux and Windows.
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