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Arrow Bow Europe

Is Arrow Bow Europe safe? Read here the reviews of customers, view the contact information of the webshop & see if they are legit.
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  • Mitch
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    One word perfect how they do it so quickly delivered and neatly packed and packaged and customer service is just right website is clear

    they do what they promise they keep you informed if the delivery takes a little longer

    So far no complaints from you guys keep up the good work :)

  • Marco Forsström
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    Best archery shop you can find! Fast delivery, excellent comunication and customer service. Highy recomend!

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    How do you rate this webshop?
  • Davood Nematinia
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    Not fast delivery, but as he said: promise is promise.

  • Manousos Papadomanolakis
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    Fast delivery!

  • Thomas
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    Great discounts and a fast delivery.

  • John
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    By far the best store for your equipment.

  • Wojcieh Ciepielewski
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    the right assortment! correct delivery!

  • Joe Whitefield
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    I'd give this webshop a excellent for the fast delivery and the proffesional layout.

  • jaakko
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    Avoid this business as much as you can! They (he..?) straight up lie about stock levels on their webshop (among other things). Made an order and paid for express shipping because expected to receive an in stock item fast since I was in need for it quickly. After few days I had not received a single email with order confirmation or such. Logged in to their page and saw that address was wrong (it had some information the checkout had no field to specify for and probably autofilled) and send an email asking them to change it. I got a reply that had an attached order confirmation.

    I wrote another email asking if the item was surely in stock. I got no answer for a long time and decided to get my order from elsewhere and wrote another email and asked to cancel and refund my order. After that the single employee there seems to be called me with poor english and asked me why I want to cancel my order. He said that he has it in stock and it would be with me the next day. I said fine, send it. I had left a negative review at this point and the caller ask. It was beginning to feel like blackmailing.

    Got a UPS email soon after that had a tracking ID. I waited and checked the tracking the next day at evening and it showed that only the label had been created.

    After the weekend I wait for two days if the tracking shows any progress and since it seems not I send another mail to please cancel my order and asked for them to reply me and confirm they had had it. I got no reply and called them. He tells me they can't cancel my order since he has already shipped it. It was really hard to get him to agree that he will cancel my order and refund me and he insisted that only after he had got my order back. I asked for him to contact UPS and ask them to bring the parcel back which he said he wasn't willing to do. I waited for few hours and called UPS myself and asked if they can check the tracking ID. They had not any indication that the parcel would have been picked up and confirmed me that once a carrier picks up a delivery it would instantly show in their system and told that the only possible explanation the tracking still only showed "label created" was that the vendor still had the parcel and it had not been picked up.

    So, lies lies lies and blackmailing customers, stay away.

    1.Oh wow, you have the audacity to think I would be donating you any more money? Literally laughing out loud.

    2.Judging by the reviews around the internet it seems that you have had even worse

    3.To my first email about changing the address you somehow managed to reply pretty quickly and whenever I posted something to your FB page the rude guy was calling me almost instantly

    4.You’re damn right you will, I am an EU citizen and I have the right to back out of a transaction with you. However, you say that you will be sending my order at your expense; this only confirms me what I was suspecting already, you still haven’t sent it and have the shipment with you at the moment so that makes it so that the excuse of not being able to cancel my order since the shipment is already on its way was utter and complete bullshit.

    5.The guy on the phone (I imagine it is you who I am writing this to) has been out of all proportions rude to me. I said “fuck” once during our first phone call and the rest of that conversation he was saying like “you tell me fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” and interrupting me the whole time whenever I was trying to speak. Today I was repeatedly being called “idiot” and asked “Am I stupid?” What is unfair here is that somehow with manner like this you are still in business.

    6.I have repeatedly told you that no. No, as in this is not “informing me sufficiently”

  • James
    Review for Arrow Bow Europe

    The service was extraordinary. The product was in better shape than i thougt. I had no problems with the shipping. I will gladly buy again from arrowbow and i recommend doing the same.

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