100% LEGIT just the copelandia grow kit that doesnt flush much.. only got 1gram back from paying £90.
Easy and fast 🤩delevery
Seline Shaw
I've had no issues, received my order fine and good customer service
The order arrived later than expected because they made a mistake in the address.

The order arrived in bad condition, rotten and expired. (I have photos that can prove it)
I am very disappointed with the purchase.
Giuseppe pirrera
Les première fois les livraisons passait par UPS je suis bon client et maintenant pour le même prix sa passe par ecomore et puis par se fichu bpost je commande jeudi UPS j aurait reçu mon mail avec vos changements de livraison c est la merde dimanche c est mon anniversaire le colis sera pas la avant lundi qualités très bonne mode de livraison 0 cher je vais trouver autre part où on garde DHL chez vous c est fini
I didn't receive a tracking number and the order status didn't change after the shop received it, so it seemed to me there might be an issue with my order. To my surprise I received my order very quickly with no problems. So if anyone else encounters the same issue then do not worry. I recommend this shop and would order again.