I was not sure what to expect tbh, even though I had plenty of shroomy experience already but the rating in vision, strength and creativity is pretty accurate on this website. The Gandolfino shrooms are defintely strong! It really felt more intense than regular shrooms I have ever had before. We took only half but the intensity was almost overwhelming. I would maybe not recommend to take 20g and participate in a social event or with a bunch of strangers. But half is okay with that. Also it felt like we had to keep moving and not sit down around the peak (1 till 2 hours after ingestions), because it became that strong that we would have been just laying down and taking it all in with closed eyes. That can be actually really nice with some pleasent music. But we were walking around in a forrest on a bank holiday. Visual impressions were very heavy and super colourful and beautiful impressions of leafs, water and colours. It actually felt like being in a intense dream world for at least 3 hours. The good thing about the experience is to know that it will stop and become less and the feeling for time is actually just pretty shifted. So those three hours felt like 10 at least and the amount of impressions and feeling we took in was immense. Great overall experience and definitely recommendable. The only shrooms I ever had before that came close to that were some Cambodian ones. Bute this was also my first experience with fresh shrooms out of many and that might explain the intensity. Thanks for the experience!